Is Fidelity Gold IRA any good?

Fidelity Gold IRA

Since time memorial gold has been established to be an ideal long term investments thanks to its stability and inability to fluctuate in value. A lot of people using Fidelity have wondered whether they can venture into gold and other precious metals investments through Gold IRAs and the answer is also diverse. While Fidelity offers gold-related products, for instance stocks, EFTs and funds, it is slightly challenging to directly invest in gold using Fidelity. There are different ways that you can invest in IRA gold through Fidelity but indirectly as you will later on learn. Here are some of the gold products provided by Fidelity that you can invest in today.


Reviewing Fidelity Gold IRA

The gold IRA fidelity is in a class of it’s own, offering the below you can invest in.

  1. Precious metals

Yes, you can use your Fidelity retirement account to invest in gold, silver, platinum and even palladium, however through a unique program designed for the same. Direct Investing Program of Fidelity is what you will use to invest through paper but in different types of precious metals that capture your interest. Investing directly in gold or other precious metals through your Fidelity accounts impossible which is why other avenues are created to be utilized for investment in precious metals. Proper research into the different precious metals available for investing should be done to determine the market trends, possible growth in value in the future and the ideal options to invest in before you choose to make your paper investment.

  1. Individual Stocks

If you research well, you can create a long shortlist of companies that invest in gold and silver mining firms. From the shortlist you can compare and contrast the different options before you choose the ideal one to invest in through your Fidelity retirement account. Such stocks take you closer to the market for precious metals around the world improving your awareness on the same. You should check company credentials to determine the one that best fits your investment profile and goals.

  1. Mutual Funds

There are mutual funds provided by Fidelity to investors that have taken interest in gold and silver. With the funds investors can gain more exposure to the market of the metals and make their investment without having to deal with physical gold. Did you know that FSAGX allocates over 50% of its assets to gold while FSHAX invests over a third of all its assets in Gold?  Mutual funds can therefore be a great way to plan for your retirement through making such investments.

  1. Traditional IRAs

Did you know that you can use Fidelity retirement account for investing in wide range of precious metals? Some of the metals you can invest in are gold, silver and even palladium. You can however only do it via paper investments provided to you through Fidelity, for instance stocks and EFTs. Thanks to Fidelity both self-directed IRAs and employer-sponsored account can enjoy diverse plans that allow them to proceed with the investment. You can also check out other companies that allow you to hold physical gold via your new IRA account.

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